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Dec 12, 2019

Are you feeling this way?⁣

When did it start?⁣

What are you doing about it?⁣

The good thing for you is that Greg Todd has six steps on how to get moving again.⁣

1. Assess your situation.⁣
2. Commit yourself to getting unstuck.⁣
3. Ask yourself if you currently have the resources to get a second opinion.⁣
4. Ask yourself if that second opinion can confirm or deny your personal assessment in step one (that you are stuck).⁣
5. You need to decide on the tool you need to get unstuck.⁣
6. You need to EXECUTE on it and focus over a period of time to get unstuck.⁣

That’s it. If you’ve been stuck in 2019 and are ready to move forward, here’s a link.⁣

You know what to do with it.⁣⁣

Dec 11, 2019

Are you worried about the clinic down the street taking all your patients?


Are you worried that people in other professions are stealing your clients?


Does the idea of insurance changing who you can see worry you?


OK. Tough love ahead.


Stop being so selfish.


There are so many people that need your help it’s not even funny. Go for a walk observe the people on the street. You’re going to find people that need your help, whether they know it or not.


Being worried that someone is taking all of your patients is like seeing two toddlers fight over the same toy when they are surrounded by dozens.


Stop playing yourself. Go and help people.


If you want to meet people that have stopped arguing over the same toys, you can find them here.

Dec 10, 2019

What is one thing that you can learn from my 93-year-old grandmother?

She was independent.⁣

She was an entrepreneur before that word was even tossed around.⁣

She understood what it meant to have a business back when it was very rare for women to do such a thing.⁣

And above all, she was consistent. ⁣

She was a role model to us all.⁣


Thank you, Sybil Todd. Legends never die. 

Dec 8, 2019

You have to be both.

Yes, one in the figurative sense and one of the literal sense. But hey, if you like driving tractors, do your thing.

But if you’re having trouble getting people in your clinic, it’s because you’re not doing enough of what farmers do.

It’s not about forcing the seeds that you put in the ground to grow.

It’s a matter of scattering so many seeds to improve your chances of the seeds bearing fruits, of people actually coming to you.

If you are frustrated with the growing process, that’s ok. It took me a while too.

Here’s what I did to speed things up:

Dec 5, 2019

How can you tell if you’re taking the improper steps in your business?


Because you are getting improper results.


That’s the only way you’ll know; if you are shooting for a desired outcome, and missing the mark, that means you aren’t taking the proper steps.


And that’s OK! That’s part of the learning process. The issue is when you take improper steps for a very long time.


Because the magnitude of your improper result will be multiplied by that time.


How can you prevent taking improper steps in your business? Simple. Learn from business owners who have done it themselves, and have them teach you what to look out for.

You can find them here:

Dec 4, 2019

Should I create an LLC?


Should I trademark my name so no one steals it?


Should I use Square Space or Wix for a website?


Here’s my answer:

None of the above.


You have to focus on one thing when starting a business. And it’s never what you think it is.


If you listened to the podcast already and are reading the description, here’s how to go forward on that first step.


If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, that’s what the play button is for ;)

Dec 4, 2019

What would you have told yourself 20 years ago?


If you knew back then what you knew now, would you still be in this field?


And if you are a student listening to this podcast, have you thought about what your life will look like in 20 years?


This episode, Greg Todd talks not only to himself 20 years ago, but to himself 20 years in the future.


The advice still stays the same.


Wherever you are at in your life, you are ready. You are more ready than you’ll ever be, right now.


And when people tell you that you aren’t ready, they might have your best interest in mind, they might not, but in the end it’s your decision.


Make the choice. If you are surrounded by people telling you not to make a decision at all, come down to Florida. You can get a nice break from those people here:


Nov 27, 2019



Did you not fit in at school?


Were you always the odd one out?


Did you just do things differently and hang out with different kinds of people then what was the norm?


Did people label you as weird?


Did they tell you you wouldn’t be successful?


Yeah. GT‘s been there too. These people just don’t know how it feels to feel different than everyone else. And if they do, they do a great job at hiding it from everyone and making sure to alienate other people like you in the process.


Healthcare might as well be middle school from all the cliques and general cattiness.


If you’re sick of feeling like you don’t fit in at your job, maybe that’s a sign. Maybe that’s a sign that you’re meant to do something different. It’s OK if you’re not sure for now.


You can at least hang out with people who feel like you here.

Nov 25, 2019

SSPT has 10 different healthcare disciplines.


This isn’t just for Chiros.

This isn’t just for PT’s.

This isn’t just for OT’s.

This isn’t just for registered dietitians.

This isn’t just for nurses.

This isn’t

This is for many, many types of people.


GT is updating himself, giving himself an entrepreneurial facelift. He’s talking about making things bigger.


Bigger than you ever imagined them.


It’s time to bring healthcare back together to give patients what they really need. We’ve lived in the age of healthcare silos for long enough. Whether you like it or not, things are going to change.


If you’re sick of the way healthcare is right now and you want to meet people who act on (not talk about) changing healthcare, meet us in Orlando.

Nov 22, 2019

Are you struggling to find out what you do with your gift?


Are you feeling like you were unable to act on it because of your job?


Do you know what you want to do, but need direction to get it started?


GT want you to be bold. You don’t have to know everything to get it started. You don’t have to wait for everyone’s approval, because you’re not going to get it.


You can make a step in the right direction for your life, but it takes boldness. It takes you being willing to step into the unknown.


But like GT says, you have a gift. Everyone has a gift. Are you going to give yours to the world, or are you going to keep it to yourself?


If you’re having trouble getting started, we can help you.


Nov 21, 2019

How can you provide better care for your patients while making more money?

How do you do it if your hands are tied by insurance companies?
Simple. You build a collab club. A collaboration. You can find other physical therapists/occupational therapists/psychologists/registered dietitians/medical doctors/massage therapists/personal trainers/yoga instructors/etc. and form relationships with them. 
Imagine what it would be like to have multiple referral sources that you are on great terms with and consistently send you patients. What could this do for your practice?
“But GT, everyone in my community sucks.”
OK, I assume you have a phone. Get on it, and have video conferences with the professionals that you believe can help your patience in ways that you cannot. You can have collaborations with people you haven’t even met in person. Patients are building relationships more and more from their phones at a blinding  speed; why aren’t you?
If you want to find a lot of people who are willing to build a collab club with you, come to SSPT live. You’ll find them there ;) 
Nov 20, 2019

If you have LOW Standards, you have NO standards.

Why are you still working that job?
Why are you still putting up with those low rates from insurance?
Why are you hanging around people that only bring you down?
It’s because you have low standards. And because you have low standards, you’re letting other people impose their standards on you. 
And by that definition, you have no standards.
If you want to raise your standards in life, it can only happen by being around people who are constantly raising their own standards.
Find these people here: 
Nov 18, 2019

This is not a test. 

This your entrepreneurial broadcast system from Greg Todd.
Commencing at the end of this podcast, any and all forms of getting the right people in your life, including mentors, will be legal and encouraged for much more than 12 hours.
OK, so maybe GT was talking about The Purge in the sense of having a rough time with a Popeyes chicken sandwich, not in the sense of, you know, the government allowing all crime for 12 hours.
Are you surrounded by family, friends, coworkers, former coworkers who don’t understand your dreams?
Have you ever been given a sideways look for talking about an idea you had?
Have you ever explained your business to someone else, only to get their opinion that you didn’t want in the first place?
GT has been through that too. 
Once he began his business, people started acting differently toward him. And as an entrepreneur, you can only devote your time and energy to so much. The same people he hung out with started giving him a bad taste in his mouth. 
In the end, he started to remove (purge) these people these people from his life. People and sandwiches oversaturated with mediocrity is now something that GT cannot let into his life without it causing havoc.
If you feel like you need to purge people from your life, then it’s time to. Of course, not in the movie way. That’s super illegal and definitely not OK. But when you begin to weed these people out of your life, who do you have to turn to to talk about business? You’ll have a lot of questions, and business is very difficult to do alone.
But it doesn’t have to be.
Follow this link and we’ll show you how to find the support you’ve been missing. 
Nov 17, 2019



Who has left you?


Who is telling you to stop thinking so idealistically?


Who is the one person that you feel like is holding you back?


Yeah. GT knows. He’s been there.


You’re trying to grow your business, talking about your ideas, and there are people in your life who are constantly telling you these ideas won’t work. They’re telling you that you’re asking for too much.


Here’s the deal.


Just about everyone in your life only love you for what you do for them, not who you are. And that’s OK. That’s not good or bad, it’s just human. The people that love you for who you are have stuck by with you for years, no matter how you’ve changed. To everyone else, you’re just a character that they like to keep in their Netflix special they call life.


People look out for their self interest. The moment that you don’t fit in their life, they lose interest in you and that’s OK.


You are going to lose people along the way. It’s inevitable. If you want to help as many people as you say you do, be prepared for this reality.


The good thing is that as you progress, you will find people like you. You’ll find clinicians who have a dream of making things better and then actually follow through with it. In fact, you can meet them. AND Greg Todd. You can finally be an environment that actually supports you and your dreams.


Meet them here:

Nov 15, 2019
Do you have this secret quality?
Do you know how it works?
Are you curious about what it is?
If you want to know, hit the play button.
Greg Todd goes into how he set up INFINITE LEADERSHIP in his clinics and businesses, and how it has completely leveled him up.
And of course, the FIRST CRITICAL step in getting to INFINITE LEADERSHIP wasn’t taught at school. It’s not being talked about at other conferences.
Read that again.
But even if you know the steps, how do you set it up? How do you implement it? 
You can learn all about it here. 
Nov 13, 2019

WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK? It’s definitely not what you THINK.


Are you trying to start a business?


Are you trying to quit your old job?


Are you trying to build an online product?


Do yourself a favor.


STOP. Really. STOP.










You’d better believe it.


Do you have trouble with this? It you didn’t, I would be surprised. We are BOMBARDED with external things like Medicare changes, the never ending fountain of emails, and of course balancing family with everything.


GT has helped thousands of clinicians become laser focused and as a result, build life that they want. Not only for them, but their families too.

He does it through this:


Nov 13, 2019
How did it all begin?⁣⁣
How did GT get where he is today?⁣⁣
Did he have scores of students following him? ⁣⁣
Did he have the most certifications and the most experience in the field?⁣⁣
Nope. It all began with one.⁣⁣
GT would show up on his LIFEstreams on Periscope in 2015, long before the podcast began, and will speak to an empty room. Some days, he had trolls. Some days, he had more people telling him not to do what he was doing. and most days, it was an empty room.⁣⁣
But then it all began with Calvin. Calvin liked what Greg Todd was doing, and he would invite his brother to watch the LIFEstreams too (“double the subscriber count”, as he puts it).⁣⁣
This relationship eventually became a mentorship. Calvin went on to become the first student in SSPT, buy the first ticket to SSPT Live, and came to the first Mastermind Event that Greg had.⁣⁣
Not only has GT been looking out for Calvin at every step of his journey, but Calvin has been a customer for GT at every step of his products.⁣⁣
GT calls this process the Yellow Brick Road (he spoke about it last year at SSPT Live). If you’re looking for tactics like these to INCREASE your value as a clinician and DECREASE the amount of time you spent in the clinic, follow the link below.⁣⁣
Nov 11, 2019
How do YOU do this?

How do you get as far as GT?

How does GT get people like you to follow him and trust him?
Simple. He shows up, listens to his audience, and gives them what they want. And he did this for years. 
The only reason he started a podcast was because he was going on vacation with his wife, who wanted time with her husband. It wasn’t intentional. But GT knew he had to show up for his audience.
And now he’s on Episode 500.
Are you ready to begin something big? Are you ready to ditch that dismal paycheck you call a job?
Down below is your opportunity to learn how to win in healthcare. Not from some guru, but from a successful entrepreneur who truly knows what it’s like to constantly show up.
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Nov 7, 2019

Any ideas what it is?


GT says it, but you may not like it.


If you want to be just successful enough to just take care of you and your family, GT says...don’t be so damn SELFISH.


There are some people out there who are ready to make a permanent decision on temporary situations.


There are some people out there who DESPERATELY need your help.


You being “just successful enough” will cause you to miss these people.


You might be the LAST step in physical therapy before someone gets addicted to painkillers.


You might be the LAST step in occupational therapy before someone gives up on a social life and sinks into depression.


You might be the LAST step as a registered dietician before someone eats in a way that makes their heart explode.


Dramatic? Yes. But possible? Extremely. You never know what people are going through.


Really, HOW HARD is it?! You want to act on your dream anyway. HOW HARD is it to ACTUALLY serve the people that NEED it?! Why do you have to set up your career just to take care of YOU?!


Quit clowning around. Your comfort zone is an infection, and it’s raging against the people you say you want to help. You got into this profession for others. They need YOU. Not the doctor down the street, not the clinic across town, they need YOU.


If you aren’t going to make this jump and help (possibly save) these people, then who is?


Help them here:

Nov 5, 2019
You love your job’s personality, but paycheck size matters.
At the time of the release of this podcast, Congress is firm on shrinking Medicare by 8% for PTs by 2021.
I want to ask you again. Look at your with your current partner in your finances (your job). Things are about to get a bit...smaller. Again, does paycheck size matter?
And whatever Medicare does, insurance companies follow. ESPECIALLY if it can save them money. 
Are you ready to work the same way for less money?
Are you going to talk about things? Have a discussion over coffee? Or are you going to do something about it? 
If you are tired of letting someone who has no idea what it’s like to be a healthcare practitioner tell you how much your worth, click the link below.
Nov 2, 2019

What’s truly the cost of living your best life as a clinician?


Everybody wants a raise.

Everybody wants vacations.

Everybody wants to see their kids whenever they want.


This all has a price.


In college, Greg Todd and Kerry Simpson (soon Kerry Todd, his future wife) would go give blood to get some shortbread cookies. And once he was a clinical director, he never changed that level of saving penny for penny. Greg and his wife worked two jobs and went with one car for two years.


Greg has worked for years to establish himself as a successful multi-location practice owner and has been working for years, helping thousands of clinicians do the same. He has paid the price and dedicated himself to lower the price for other clinicians trying to do the same.


He has served others to the highest level, even riding his JetSki to his very first client’s hotel...because the client had questions and Greg wanted to help. Would your current mentor/boss do the same for you?


If you are looking for a mentor with that level of dedication in healthcare, you can register to sit in on his 2019 Beyond 1% event that is exclusively for his current Elite Mastermind. You can see him in action, doing what he does best. it’s in Clearwater Florida on November 23 and 24th.


What is the cost of financial freedom in your life?

A) Sacrifice massively OR

B) Use combinations of technology and people (yes, even if you aren’t tech savvy), and still SACRIFICE.


What is the cost of time freedom in your life?

You have to decide my business is going to have to operate with or without me.


You got to go out there and go get yours and stop waiting for everybody to give you everything.

Financial freedom is healthcare is possible. Learn how to find it in the link below.

Oct 25, 2019

Join the biggest conference for healthcare professionals here

Oct 24, 2019

Join the biggest conference for healthcare professionals here

Oct 23, 2019

Join the biggest conference for healthcare professionals here

Oct 21, 2019

The hook, the story, and the offer.


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